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Our first project!
Remember your vegemite

And here we are with our first project, "Vegemite in the Morning." This was a really fun experiment into the world of fake ads, and an enthusiastic little boy with his favorite brekkie treat--Vegemite.

We're looking at interested aussie and American blogs to shop around--if you see "Vegemite in the Morning" again, you'll know that you got to see it here first. ;D

Stay tuned for offbeat goodness~*


Endometriosis Is...

Endo Is...

We are starting a crowdfund for our current endometriosis documentary.


'Endometriosis Is' started as short production class projects in Tisch. Over the course of two years, the concept has grown and developed into this feature documentary using the new concept of "endo diaries".


This project will be used to raise awareness for endometriosis and to empower those struggling with endometriosis but unaware they are not alone. The money raised for this crowdfund will be used for travel to film endo diaries from endosisters, friends, family, and endometriosis experts around the world, post production, and distribution purposes.

We want to collect endo diaries from around the world to connect the many endo communities and work together to make a change in the world and work towards finding a cure. We are working together with endometriosis foundations around the world to make this happen.

Support means so much to us with this project. Please share, invest, and help spread the word and get this project rolling.

BFFs Pilot

BFFs is a series written and directed by Anne Sergi.


BFFs is the story of Miranda and Juliette. Best friends from childhood, they find their relationship in jeopardy after secrets from the past begin to unravel, creating a new dynamic between each other.

The pilot for this series was filmed in Houston, Texas in Fall 2014. After recently recovering the lost footage, we are editing together a new cut for the pilot.

We look forward to sharing the finished cut!