Forbidden Storybook Productions is a new production company with a focus on the funny, bizarre, and challenging. We produce content that show the darker, quirkier sides of our imagination that are not shown by mainstream companies, as well as awareness related content for chronic illnesses such as gastroparesis and endometriosis.

Anne Sergi




Anne began working in the arts as a young stage actress in Texas. After years of stage and screen acting, she began studying theatre at Sam Houston State University in 2013. Here she found her love for working behind the screen as a filmmaker. Soon after beginning her studies, she became a filmmaking major. Over 2 years she studied her craft and found a love for screenwriting, producing, and directing. As a sophomore, in 2014, Anne joined the Advanced production class and began production on a pilot for a series she wrote “BFF’S,” her directoral debut.


The next year, 2015 Anne transferred into NYU Tisch to study film and television production. Here she furthered her studies for the next two years. In the Spring of 2015, she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia for a comedic television writing and production intensive program with NYU Tisch, where she further developed her mix of Australian and American humor as a proud dual citizen of both countries. In the Fall semester of her senior year in 2016, Anne joined the advanced television production class at Tisch and became the location manager for the pilot of THE TROUPE.


The past year, Anne has been executive assistant at the independent film production company Poverty Row Entertainment, and an associate producer on their upcoming biopic on the life of Mary Pickford titled THE FIRST. Anne has also spent the past year developing two concepts to raise awareness for two invisible chronic illnesses that she has, as one of her passions is to raise awareness for both endometriosis and gastroparesis and work towards finding better ways to treat those who spend their lives fighting these disorders.


In her final semester at NYU, Spring 2017, Anne produced VEGEMITE IN THE MORNING (with the help of Savvy Jaye as her line producer) our debut short, a sketch parody commercial as if Americans were to make a vegemite commercial. In addition to this, she and Savvy also started development and production on THE ENDO DIARY PROJECT. This project started as a short PSA for endometriosis awareness, using a few video diaries from multiple endosisters, but this project has grown into a major passion project for Anne, who would like to, in conjunction with endometriosis foundations create a feature-length documentary created using endo-diaries from around the world, also collected from friends, family, and experts, to help connect the global endometriosis communities and work together to raise awareness.


Lastly, this past year, Anne has been developing her series THE FOOD PORN HOTLINE, which will raise awareness for gastroparesis and leave everyone craving food! This series came to be when Anne was in a major flare up of gastroparesis, and found herself unable to eat. Unable to get away from food culture, Anne decided to embrace it and the fetishization of food using her quirky sense of dark humor and inner foodie.


In May 2017, Anne graduated from NYU Tisch and formed Forbidden Storybook Productions.