Endometriosis Is

Endo Is...

Endo Is...

Endo Is... is a documentary on endometriosis that has developed from short projects produced in production courses at NYU Tisch. It has gone through three phases, at this point.

In Fall 2015, the first Endo Diary project, Invisible, was produced using camera phones. Using the new concept of Endo Diaries, this short edited together three women's stories of living with endometriosis.

In Spring 2017, the second Endo Diary project, Endo Is, went into production. This short used the same concept of Endo Diaries, capturing three more women's stories for the project.

Currently the Endo Diary project has become a long form documentary project. Our goal is to travel to capture Endo Diaries from all corners of the world, to help bring all the endometriosis communities together to help gain awareness, work towards finding a cure, and help those suffering from endometriosis know they are not alone.

This is a long form project, as we want to give the project as much attention as it needs to be done correctly. We have started production, but will be in production for an extended period of time, possibly a few years.


We want to travel and colect "Endo Diaries" from Endosisters, friends, families, and experts around the world. Please reach out if you or someone you know is interested in participating in this project.